Viral Peace



Description:The third and final message in the #Viral series is all about how we find peace in a world of non-stop connectivity. Technology temps us to focus too much on circumstances, and to forget genuine relationship-building. A Christian's peace comes from who Jesus is, no matter how much technology hides it.

Viral Contentment



Description:Much of our identity is formed by comparison. Digital media can fuel comparisons with others, but what if God had a completely different way for you to see yourself? When our identity is in Christ, we can rise above the temptation to compare.

Viral Love



Description:Technology has changed our lives rapidly and extensively. And while those changes aren't inherently bad, the way we use and misuse technology can negatively impact our relationships with God and others. Our devices can be devisive. But what if we chose to love as Jesus loved, and leveraged technology to share that love with the world?

Death is Life

Upside-Down Way of Jesus


Description:The ultimate upside-down teaching of Jesus is that in order to save your life, you must lose it. This is only possible because of the resurrection of Jesus. Let's explore evidence of the resurrection and its implicationf for our lives and eternity.

Weak is Strong

Upside-Down Way of Jesus


Description:The cross was undeniably a symbol of weakness in the time of the New Testament. It's no surprise that the crucifixion of Jesus was a point of confusion for many, and still is. Yet, God chose the ultimate weakness in the world to demonstrate his ultimate power, and what he did for the cross he can do for you.

Slavery is Freedom

Upside-Down Way of Jesus


Description:Slavery is probably the most undesirable human institution in history. Yet, Jesus invites his followers to a life of slavery, which is very upside-down for us. But only in complete surrender to him do we find real and complete freedom.

Last is First

Upside-Down Way of Jesus


Description:We usually think of greatness as achieving success, climbing the ladder of status, and gaining an increasing amount of wealth, power, and influence. But while our cultural instinct is to ascend to greatness, Jesus taught his followers to turn that upside-down. Followers descend the ladder to become great in the kingdom.

Fan or Follower?

Upside-Down Way of Jesus


Description:Many of Jesus' teachings are more than just counter-cultural; they seem upside down from how we see the world. Yet, following Jesus requires that we surrender our preconceived values and embrace a whole new life. In order to understand these teachings, we begin by asking if you are a fan or a follower of Jesus.




Description:Control is something we fight for that generally leads to stress and worry when we don't have it. But control is an illusion more often than not. And faith is when we stop trying to gain control and we surrender to the One who has control. That often leads us to a place we didn't expect to be, but needed to be.

From Exhausted to Energized



Description:Robin Zimmerman, Connections minister at Jefferson Christian Church preaches while Marty and Exie are adjusting to life with a new baby! When it seems like we're tapped out in every facet of our lives, we have to find ways to replenish our health and streamline our schedule to follow Jesus well.

Sickness, Depression, and Suicidal Thoughts



Description:Even spiritual heroes deal with depression and suicidal thoughts. But when you're sick, God's word tells us to pray and seek healing. In other words, it's okay to not be okay, but it's not okay to stay that way. (Adapted from Perry Noble).

When Life's Not Good



Description:The challenge of worry, stress and anxiety can be overwhelming. Depression is experienced on epidempic proportions in America, and it stems from our fear that there is no hope in our circumstances. But we can be sure in life that if it ain't good, God ain't done. (Adapted from Perry Noble).

The Conversation

Soul Food


Description:A thriving relationship with God depends on good communication with him. Prayer is talking to God, and while so simple, it's also one of the most neglected "soul foods". We discuss reasons people neglect prayer and how we can reverse it.

The Experience

Soul Food


Description:The gospel of Jesus was of "first importance" to the early church, and its message could be summed up in the experience of communion. That's why today our worship is Christ-centered, and culminates in the same memorial of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. And that experience nourishes our souls.

The Company

Soul Food


Description:The early church devoted themselves to fellowship. Far from just a shared pot-luck meal, true fellowship is what unites all followers of Jesus with God and with each other. And in order to thrive spiritually, you need other believers and they need you.

The Recipe

Soul Food


Description:The early Christians devoted themselves to the apostle's teaching, which primarily consisted of the teachings of Jesus. Today, anything we can do to better love God and love people is a good discipline, including and especially the study of the Scriptures. Learning them is one way of loving God and people.

The Love

Soul Food


Description:What sets soul food apart from all other food boils down to love. And the difference between spiritual activity, and a thriving relationship with Jesus, is love. First of five parts in a series about feasting on God.

A Gift For Everyone

What to Expect When You're Expecting


Description:Jesus' birth didn't happen the way we might expect, and it wasn't announced the way we might announce it. God, in his wisdom, chose for the good news to be shared by people to each other. He still uses us to share good news with everyone.

Got Any Room?

What to Expect When You're Expecting


Description:Jesus was born in a manger because there was no room in the town of Bethlehem for his family to stay. And it wouldn't be the last time there was no room for Jesus. Some people allowed religion to get in the way, and others let idolatry become their obstacle. But if we would make room for Jesus, he would fill us.

Putting God First



Description:One of the most misunderstood points of biblical finance is the tithe. The tithe is God's way of teaching us to put him first and to stretch our faith, and it also provides the material needs to support the local church. Based on material by Dave Ramsey and Craig Groeschel.

Act Your Wage



Description:America has a debt and spending problem, and most of us are affected. But getting out of debt and in control of our money takes self-discipline and a plan. We talk about practical steps that help us implement biblical principles. Based on material from Dave Ramsey and Craig Groeschel.

A Godly Perspective on Money



Description:Many, if not most, Americans face financial tension. We worry, we fight, we stress over money. The Bible calls it bondage...we're strapped. Based on Scripture and practical insights from Dave Ramsey and Craig Groeschel, we start a new series on how to better handle money. And it all starts with the heart.


Identity Theft


Description:The full-on cyber assault called hacking can only be prevented by a great firewall. In Ephesians 5 & 6, Paul gives Christians the armor for mounting a defense against our enemy's attacks. And one key component of that defense is our formation with one another: marriage, family, and work. (Adapted from Mark Moore).


Identity Theft


Description:At times even the Bible presents us with expectations that can overwhelm us. Such is the case with Ephesians chapters 4 & 5. And Satan will twist our understanding of scripture to make us lose sight of our motivation and purpose. We need a filter to prevent Spam from leading us to make a poor decision. (Adapted from Mark Moore).


Identity Theft


Description:Part 3 of 5, We continue studying from Ephesians about who we are in Christ. And that identity is tied to WE not just ME. Our corporate identity comes from uniting under the banner "in Christ" rather than just our own experience. (Adapted from Mark Moore).


Identity Theft


Description:If you've ever been tricked into paying for something that should be free, you may have been a victim of fraud. Christians are often tricked by the enemy to believe that salvation is earned, but Ephesians 2 reminds us that God has brought us from death to life because of grace through faith in Jesus Christ. [Adapted from Mark E. Moore]


Identity Theft


Description:What if someone stole your spiritual identity, and you didn't know it? The book of Ephesians has more talk about who we are "in Christ" than any other biblical book, and it is the basis for how we can prevent that identity from being hacked. The first week's lesson is that identity is received, not achieved. [Adapted from Mark E. Moore]

Coming Clean

No Filter


Description:True authenticity is directly connected to confession. Only by admiting our need for God's grace and forgiveness does He remove our guilt. And guilt has consequences that affect all aspects of our lives. Confessing what is true, Jesus said, would set us free.

Can I Say That?

No Filter


Description:What we say is so powerful that it can change the course of a life. How do we deal with this immense pressure? We have to give up our right to say what we want, so that God can show us the right thing to say.

To Tell the Truth

No Filter


Description:Telling the truth is harder than we may assume. Lying finds its way into our lives and relationships, because we often tell white lies or half-truths when we don't want to hurt someone's feelings. And in order to love people, sometimes that means telling them the truth, even if it's uncomfortable. And knowing how and when to do that is key.

Can I Be Honest?

No Filter


Description:"Can I be honest?" is usually a segway into an abrasive observation, but it's a valid question about how we live. Jesus said the truth would set his followers free, but many of us struggle to come out from behind a mask that hides our true selves. Jesus invites us to live life with no filter, embracing God's mercy and a life of transparency. Part 1 of 4.

Make Wise Decisions

Kingdom of Contrast


Description:Our series finale, Jesus wraps up his sermon by contrasting wise and foolish decisions. We can make wise decisions, especially as they relate to our relationship with God, by recognizing what path we are on, whom we listen to, and what we're building on. Wise people live distinctively.

Build Strong Relationships

Kingdom of Contrast


Description:One of the greatest commandments Jesus ever gave was something we call "the Golden Rule". It is the solution to the problems of being judgmental or hypocritical as we relate to others. Followers of Jesus are to be known both as standing up for truth, and freely extending mercy.

Three Little Birds

Kingdom of Contrast


Description:"Don't worry". It's a nice song lyric, but how do we embrace this as a command from Jesus? Together we talk about overcoming the worry in our lives through trust in Christ, and a focus on eternal things.

Priorities Exam

Kingdom of Contrast


Description:What if you had a heart condition, but didn't kno it? Routine physical exams prevent problems from getting worse. And Jesus addresses a different matter of the heart: our pursuit of treasures on earth. Explore with us how we should prioritize our lives around things that will matter for eternity.

Seek God's Approval

Kingdom of Contrast


Description:Many of us are people-pleasers, and live for the approval of others. Jesus warns his followers about standing in God's spotlight, and instead to live for an audience of One. Part 6 in our series on the Sermon on the Mount.

Manage Conflict

Kingdom of Contrast


Description:Get back, get even, or let it go? Our powerful human nature urges us to retaliate when we are wounded, but Jesus points his followers to God's mercy. We should show mercy to others, because God has been so gracious toward us.

Guard Your Integrity

Kingdom of Contrast


Description:In our highly sexualized culture, Christ-followers are called to a higher standard for purity and for marriage. Jesus' words nearly two millenia ago ring just as true as ever before, calling his disciples to keep sex in its proper place, and protecting the sanctity of marriage. (A "PG-13" message.)

My Way or the High Way

Kingdom of Contrast


Description:Can anger even compare to murder, when it comes to morality? According to Jesus, it does, because anger is the seed of so much destruction in our relationships. We continue learning how Christians should live in contrast with the world around them. When it comes to anger, Jesus says we need to resolve it urgently. Part 3 in series on Sermon on the Mount.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Kingdom of Contrast


Description:Jesus famously called his followers "salt of the earth" and "the light of the world." Therefore, the example we lie fo others is crucial. In a very timely message, with all that's going on socially in America regarding race and politics, the 5th-8th Beattitudes speak to our relationship with others.

Kingdom Living 101

Kingdom of Contrast


Description:How should Christ-followers respond to an ever-changing world? Jesus taught that his followers would live in contrast to the world around them - that they are citizens of God's kingdom, not the world. This is the beginning of a series on the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew chapters 5-7), and we learn how to find God's favor.

Brick by Brick



Description:God is building his church brick by brick to respond to a world where tragedy exists. Through looking at Nehemiah's life in the Bible, we are given a model for how to deal with tragedy. This ultimately means we have to spread the hope of being brought back to a relationship with Jesus,

Failing Forward

Fight Like a Man


Description:By the end of Samson's life, this would-be hero is blind, in chains and mocked by his enemies. It seems like the end of the story, until we learn that God never gives up on him. God never gives up on us, either.

Emotions That Can Take Us Down

Fight Like a Man


Description:Although Samson had tons of God-given spiritual potential, he wasted it because he was controlled by his emotions. Anger and pride can take anyone on a path to their downfall. Instead, by seeking God to fill our needs, we are satisfied.

Making Strong Men Weak

Fight Like a Man


Description:Based on a book and study by Craig Groeschel, Fight Like a Man is a series based on the life of Samson in the Old Testament. Men (and women) are in a spiritual fight, and learning from the mistakes Samson made, we prepare to be men of God who fight from our knees.


Why Do We Do That?


Description:When it comes down to it, we baptize because Jesus said to baptize in the Great Commission. And there we learn the importance of obedience from the moment we choose to follow Jesus. Looking at Naaman in the Old Testament, we explore obedience in the Christian life.


Why Do We Do That?


Description:In order to truly understand a new teaching, Jesus often told his audience to repent: to change the way they think about how they think about something. When it comes to the church's weekly observance of communion (aka. the Lord's Supper), we need more than just a simple Bible answer. We need a whole new way of thinking about salvation. (adapted from Jim Burgen).

I Think I'm Parentnoid



Description:Our series wraps today with Part 6, helping parents of all kinds avoid the pitfalls of our job. Children need discipline, grace and love. Using God as our model, we find wisdom for the job ahead and grace for all our "slips". (many quotes from Dave Stone "Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord").

Stop Being Single ASAP



Description:Single adults represent a significant number of people in our church and our community. Some are single by choice, and others by circumstance. And you face unique challenges when it comes to relationships. We tackle some of the biggest temptations singles face and ways to overcome them, while learning to let Christ complete us all.

How to be Sexcessful



Description:Honest conversations about sex don't often happen in church. And when they do, they are either repressive or permissive. Still in Colossians 3:12, God provides insight for marriages that will create the best atmosphere for sex and intimacy. (Adapted from Perry Noble).