India Missions Trip 2010

Bishop & Dr Ruth Reid with James Jandu

March 2010

Description:Bishop Michael Reid & Dr Ruth Reid share this years Mission Trip in Kashmir, with highlights of the India trip.

Yaounde 2005

Bishop Michael Reid

May 2005

Description:A dust cloud rose from the crowd as hundreds of people ran to respond to the call for salvation. It was the first night of Bishop Michael Reid and Rev Ruth Reid's crusade in Cameroon.As the cloud settled, hundreds stood in front of the platform, with faces rasied in expectancy, waiting to receive salvation.But this was only a taste of what God was going to do in this developing African country.This video catalogues some of the hundreds of miracles that occurred during the crusade. It records the historic co-operation of all the pastors as they joined together to organise this momentous crusade and shows Bishop Reid meeting the Prime Minister of Cameroon.This video is a must have for anyone who wants a record of how God is moving today.