AWANA 2018-19 Clubber Registration Form

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Emercency Contact Information

I hereby give my permission for my child (named above) to attend and participate in "Wiley Union Church" AWANA Club and any special activities and events planned by the AWANA Club.

I do hereiwth authorize emergency treatment be given if necessary only after a reasonable effort has been made to reach us/me the parent(s) or guardian.

I the undersigned do hereby release and agree to hold harmless the AWANA Leadership, "Wiley Union Church", and AWANA Clubs International from any and all liabilities or claims for personal injury or illness which may be incurred by my child while attending and participating in the AWANA Club and its activities and special events.

I understand and hereby grant "Wiley Union Church" AWANA Club, its staff and leaders permission, that, while my child is participating in apporved AWANA Activities, photographs and videos of my child may be taken for use in promoting AWANA and its activities within "Wiley Union Church" and I further release "Wiley Union Church" and its staff and leadership from any and all claims that I may have against them as a result of my child's picture being used in promoting AWANA within "Wiley Union Church" and I further understand that I may "Opt out" by selecting the appropriate "No, do not photograph or video my child" option immediately below.

By clicking the "Register" button immediately below this text, I am digitally signing my consent to the above information for the 2018-2019 AWANA Club year at Wiley Union Church.

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